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Updated: Apr 12, 2023

Hello everyone, I am Ro, or as some may know me, Robusta Coffee.

You can call me BeRo!

I cordially invite you to take a seat and join me in recounting my journey from the farm to the coffee cup that you drink.

Are you ready to hear my story? Let us start.


When I was born

The farmers ascend the field, scaling the hill to till the soil and designate the fertile lands for me to mature in the future.

They tend to me daily, administering fertilizer, water, and removing any weeds. They meticulously prune and trim my branches to promote optimal growth.


My initial encounters with fear

Each season, my yield and quality are susceptible to the detrimental effects of severe weather and pests. These frightening factors can significantly impact my growth and development.


The day of my maturation

After a period of two to three years, I commence to blossom with flowers and bear fruit, signaling the initiation of my magnificent journey.


My companion

Initially, I reunite with the farmer who nurtured me. It is gratifying that I can now reciprocate their arduous efforts with ripe red coffee cherries.

Post-harvesting, the farmers meticulously sort and discard the "unripe, dried, defect" cherries, retaining only the ripe red cherries like myself to proceed to subsequent stages.

I will be packed into bags and loaded onto a tractor. Eventually, I will encounter the processing producers who will guide the flavor profile and enhance my potency through various processing methods


Washing and Floating

Washing and floating are the steps to remove dirt and branches/leaves. At the same time, other Ro cherries do not meet the weight requirements will float on the water surface and will be scooped out and removed at the same time.

Next, you and I will go through various processing methods!


Washed processing

Honey processing

Natural processing



Once I have been dried to a moisture content of approximately 10-12%, I will be gathered to undergo the hulling process, which involves the extraction of the parchment layer or the outermost layer of the dried coffee cherry.


Remove green bean defects

"The ladies will select and remove each defective green bean: "black, sour, insect, broken..." to ensure the highest quality cup of coffee.


The encounter between the roaster and me

The roaster is the one who uncovers the layers of flavor within me. Through the process of transforming me from green coffee beans to roasted coffee beans, the roaster unleashes the full potential of my flavor profile, which varies depending roasted level.


Towards the end of the journey, I meet the baristas

The barista plays a crucial role in conveying the value of coffee beans to customers through various preparation methods, such as Vietnamese traditional filter, espresso, hand brewing, and more. Additionally, they serve as representatives, sharing stories from the farm and processing station, which can help to create a stronger bond between you and


You are the last person I meet

The one who fully embraces and enjoys the achievements in a value chain from the farm to the coffee cup is you. Your importance is truly significant because, without individuals like you who accept and support our efforts and values, I cannot continue to tell the story of 'from farm to coffee cup.'

You hold the decision on whether the supply chain can be sustained and developed. Hence, please accept and support us.


My gratitude

As we gather here, I would like to express gratitude for the hard work and dedication of our farmers.

I extend my gratitude to producer for their devoted effort

To the roasters who have taken the time to understand and unlock the intricate flavors within me, thank you.

Thank you to the delicate and creative Baristas who convey the values to the customers

Last but not least, thank you to all of our customers who consistently enjoy and support what we do.

I am filled with gratitude for everything and everyone involved in bringing me to life.

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