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"COVID initiated an unexpected crisis, causing the world to stall and shut down. Thus, we must live slower and capture the best moments in the darkest of times. I wondered whether my love for coffee has ripened over this period. I began devoting my time and passion towards researching the field of specialty coffee. I realized the value of coffee is more than just caffeine. It embodies a culture, a taste of different countries that diversify itself in every nation with a history of development dated back to the 19th century."

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Our Story

Slowly, the “sophisticated knowledge” I once pride myself on shattered. I had been so shortsighted and so assumptious. I never cared about where the products of my

passion came from, knew nothing about growing to preliminary processing, roasting, preserving, and brewing a great cup of coffee. And I know, there are many presumptuous people all around us, just like me a few years back. They never knew what a great experience coffee could be despite it being indispensable in our lives.

As my appreciation for coffee reaches its peak, I feel delighted and satisfied sipping every cup of high-quality espresso extracted from Vietnam Fine Robusta beans. If you could experience every stage of the coffee value chain, from the early plantations to a cup of coffee, you will feel the same way as i do. This is the biggest motivation for us to pursue our dream of bringing high-quality Robusta beans to coffee lovers around the world. Trust me! The nature-gifted Fine Robusta that Vietnam has proudly developed shall be a great addition to your collection of specialty coffee. 

iO Coffee looks forward to the companionship of all partners and the coffee-loving community on this wonderful journey.


Ngo Huan Trung

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Our Products

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Meet Our Team

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Joanne Nguyet

R&D Product Manager


Rita Duyên


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Michael Trung

Founder / Head Roaster


Johnny Hai

Purchasing Manager


Cathy Chi

Sales Manager

SCA Sensory Professional


​Jenny Hong


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