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Updated: Apr 12, 2023

Be strong as Robusta

One of the interesting characteristics of Robusta coffee trees is their ability to withstand and resist many adverse environmental effects, such as harsh climates, pests, and harmful insects.


Origin of Robusta coffee trees

Robusta coffee trees originate from Africa, especially from West Africa. Nowadays, Robusta coffee trees are widely cultivated all over the world, including countries such as Brazil, Vietnam, Indonesia, Uganda, and many others.


Advantages of Robusta coffee trees

Climate tolerance: Robusta coffee trees are widely grown in tropical regions, especially in areas with elevations of 200-600m above sea level. Robusta coffee trees can withstand harsh weather conditions such as high humidity, strong sunlight, storms, and even frost. Robusta coffee trees are also known for their ability to tolerate water scarcity, which is essential in areas with limited water resources.

Resistance to pests and diseases: Robusta coffee trees also have better resistance to pests and diseases than Arabica coffee trees. Researchers have developed Robusta coffee tree varieties that are resistant to diseases and pests to minimize the impact of these on coffee yield and quality.

Robusta coffee trees have the advantage of higher productivity compared to Arabica coffee trees. When cultivated under the same conditions and on the same land area, Robusta can produce a greater yield, making it an important factor in agriculture and business.

Another interesting characteristic of Robusta is their high caffeine content. Robusta coffee beans typically contain twice as much caffeine as Arabica coffee beans. This makes Robusta coffee a popular choice for those who want to enjoy a strong, robust flavor and feel energized by coffee.

Vietnam is one of the leading countries in Robusta coffee production worldwide. Therefore, researchers in Vietnam have conducted research and developed many new Robusta coffee tree varieties to improve the quality and productivity of the trees.

Here are some varieties of Robusta that are grown in Vietnam:

  • Robusta Se: This is a purebred coffee variety with small, round beans and a pleasant natural aroma. However, its productivity is lower than that of hybrid coffee varieties.

  • Robusta 138: This is a high-yield coffee variety with good disease resistance.

  • Truong Son TS5 : This variety has a characteristic green color on its leaves and stems, high productivity, and a strong flavor.

  • Robusta TR9: This variety has high productivity and is more disease-resistant than other varieties.

  • Robusta La Xoai: This coffee variety has a mango-shaped leaf and a distinctive flavor, with good productivity.

These Robusta coffee varieties are widely used in coffee production in Vietnam, helping to improve the quality and productivity of coffee plants to meet the demand of both domestic and international markets.

The delicious Robusta that we have today are not only a gift from nature but also the result of human efforts in the process chain from "farm to cup." This includes hard work, thinking, sweating, and the efforts of people in the coffee processing chain to create more value, thereby achieving the best quality for coffee plants (according to the standards of the Coffee Quality Institute - CQI).

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