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Updated: Apr 12, 2023

Hand drip coffee is a very familiar part of the world of specialty coffee. Brewing methods such as using a V60 filter, French Press pot, etc. are some of the most basic tools on the path to exploring coffee world.

You don't have to be a professional barista to be able to brew a delicious cup of coffee for yourself. Let iO Coffee help you with that. We would like to share with everyone a detailed article on how to make a simple V60 filter coffee at home.



1) Coffee: The types of coffee used for hand drip brewing methods are typically roasted at the range of Light to Light Medium. This roast level helps to retain the maximum fruit and floral flavors of coffee, or to convey the full potential of sweetness of coffee beans to you.

At iO Coffee, we prefer to use "Arabica - Natural Processed - Light Roast" beans.

2) V60 Dripper: This is the most common type of filter when you step into the world of specialty coffee. It is a conical-shaped filter with spiral ridges inside, which is a classic design that helps you to fully explore the flavor of coffee.

Here, we are using a Hario V60 Dripper (Large size - 02), made of ceramic material.

3) Coffee Server: It plays a role in holding drops of coffee under the V60 filter, while the design of the server helps to shake evenly, allowing the coffee to blend better. In addition, the rounded mouth of the server helps to collect the coffee aroma when it evaporates, so we can smell the coffee aroma better.

4) V60 paper filter: The V60 paper filter is specifically designed for the V60 dripper. This piece of paper helps prevent the coffee beans from falling into the coffee below us, while retaining the oil of the coffee. From there, a clear and clean cup of coffee is produced.

Currently on the market there will be two types of paper: white paper (processed) and brown paper (unprocessed).

5) Grinder - Hand Grinder: The grinder is a very important tool in the world of Specialty Coffee. You will always be in a proactive state of adjusting the grind level, and ready to grind when needed. From there, more flexibility in experiencing many different types of coffee, as well as keeping the maximum quality.

6) Gooseneck kettle: The gooseneck kettle allows us to control the flow of water in contact with the coffee very well. Each stream of water gently poured down will produce better and more stable coffee quality. The gooseneck kettle is a great investment in your home kit.

7) Coffee scale



Step 1: Boil water.

The suitable temperature will fall in the range of 92 - 94ºC. If you do not have specialized kettles, use a normal kettle to boil water, then open the lid for about 2 minutes, until the water is no longer bubbling.

Step 2: Rinse Filter Paper, V60 dripper and Coffee server.

Remember that before you start, rinse Filter Paper, V60 dripper and Coffee server with hot water. This eliminates the smell of paper (remained in the production process), cleans the tools, and stabilizes the temperature during the brewing process.

Step 3: Prepare the coffee.

You prepare about 15 grams of coffee with medium grind size.

We grind the coffee with a Comandante C40 MK4 grinder at click 25.

You should only grind coffee just before preparing to brew, to ensure the coffee will be in the best quality state.

Step 4: Make coffee.

You put the coffee into the dripper, press the "Tare" button on the scale to return to 0.

Pour 30ml of hot water into coffee to start a blooming phase, press the time and wait for 30s. Pour water gently and slowly, going from the center of the Dripper to the outer rim.

Then you pour the remaining 195ml of water. Divide into 3 pours, 60ml each time.

Finally, you just need to wait for the water to recede and lift the V60 dripper out.

Total brewing time will be about 2 to 3 minutes.

Step 5: Enjoy.

Before enjoying, be sure to swirl the server well so that the coffee is more even, then pour little by little into small glasses and enjoy.

For hand-brewed coffee, each of the hot - warm - cool stages will produce different flavors. So, take your time!



1) With V60 hand-drip coffee, the time to complete a brew will be about 2-3 minutes, so if you find that the coffee is dropping too fast or too slow, you can adjust it accordingly:

- If the flow is too fast: Adjust the grind size finer, or you can pour the water more slowly, avoiding the case of pouring the water too hard which causes the channeling.

- If the flow is too slow: Grind coffee coarser.

2) Hand-brewed coffee is often described as light aromatic, bright acidity, sweet, smooth and long aftertaste. You can change according to your taste by:

- Coffee has a very high sour taste, flat and lacks sweetness: It usually comes from a rather coarse grind size/fast brewing time, resulting in coffee that has not been extracted all its inherent flavor, and the acidity is superior to other coffee flavors. Then you should adjust the grind size finer.

- Coffee is too bitter: You should check if the brewing time is too long, adjust by changing the coarser grind size. In addition, if the bitter taste is unpleasant, bitter like medicine, foul-smelling, or harsh,...Maybe the coffee beans you use are roasted too dark, or that the coffee beans are harvested and processed poorly. You can change suppliers for better choices, or look to buy a coffee with a lighter roast.

- You want stronger coffee: Grind the coffee finer or change the brewing ratio. In other words, use less water to brew. Brew coffee with 30ml of water, then pour 165ml of water, divided into 3 pours, 55ml each time.

- You want lighter coffee: You can adjust to the coarser grind size. Or you can simply add about 15-20ml of hot water directly to the coffee after brewing.



So, iO Coffee has completed a detailed article on how to make hand-drip coffee with V60 Dripper. We hope you like it!

You can watch more tutorial videos at iO Coffee's youtube channel below:

If you have any questions, you can send them to iO Coffee facebook page or comment directly below, we will quickly answer and support you.

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