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Updated: Mar 9, 2023

iO Coffee understands that having a good cup of coffee at home is not difficult, and anyone can do it by themselves. However, newbies don't know where to start.

In order for coffee lovers to be able to make coffee at home in the most "genuine" and stable way, iO Coffee would like to send you some simple tips for reference, hope it will help you all.



1) Phin filter: There are many models and materials on the market that you can refer to. Normally, easy-to-find filters are made from Aluminum, Stainless Steel,...

Stainless Steel Filters will give us elegance and durability over time.

Aluminum Filters will help stabilize the temperature when brew coffee, resulting in better quality coffee.

Stainless Steel Filter and Gooseneck Kettle Set at iO Coffee

2) Phin Coffee: Coffees roasted from Medium - Dark can be used to make Phin, depending on your taste. For iO Coffee, we choose "Robusta - Natural Processed - Roast at Medium - Dark".

Note: The grind level for Phin is Medium Fine as shown in the picture. If you do not have any kind of grinder at home, you can ask the roaster to grind coffee for you.

3) Kettle / Gooseneck Kettle: Usually, a normal kettle is enough, but you can also equip a small gooseneck kettle (no need to be too expensive) to make better coffee.

4) Coffee scale (If any)



Step 1: Boil water.

The suitable temperature will fall in the range of 92 - 94ºC. If you do not have specialized kettles, use a normal kettle to boil water, then open the lid for about 2 minutes, until the water is no longer bubbling.

Step 2: Rinse Phin filter and cup.

Remember that before you start, rinse Phin filter and cup with hot water for cleaning. At the same time, it helps to heat-up the Phin filter and stabilize the temperature when making coffee.

Step 3: Prepare the coffee.

You prepare about 20g of ground coffee, corresponding to about 1/2 the volume of Phin.

After adding coffee to the Phin, you tap the filter wall to spread the coffee evenly inside.

Step 4: Blooming

Pour 40ml of water to bloom the coffee, pour it slowly with spiralling concentric circles way, so that the coffee permeates evenly. The blooming time is about 2 minutes.

You can lay the lid below and pour a little bit of hot water to bloom coffee better, in the traditional way.

Step 5: Pour the remaining water.

After the blooming time, you pour 60ml of water, or you can pour the water until it touches the edge of the filter. Close the lid and wait until all the water draw down.

Step 6: Enjoy

When the coffee is drained, our Phin coffee making process is completed.

At this point you can enjoy immediately by using with ice, or add sugar or milk as your preference



1) Coffee Phin will be extracted quite slowly, completed in 5-7 minutes with an average drip rate of about 1 to 2 drops/second. So if you find that the coffee is dropping too fast or too slow, you can adjust it accordingly:

- If the flow is too fast: Grind it finer, or you can tamp the coffee tighter with the press filter.

- If the flow is too slow: Grind coarser.

2) Phin coffee is often described as strong, sweet and less acidic. Slightly bitter cocoa and chocolate in the aftertaste. However, you should consider adjusting if there are some of the following signs:

- Coffee with a high sour taste: It usually comes from a rather coarse grind size / fast brewing time, resulting in coffee that has not been extracted all the inherent flavor, the acidity is dominant than the remaining flavors. It is recommended to adjust grind size finer.

It may also be because you are using light roasted coffee beans (Light Roast), so you can consider switching to Medium Roast or Dark Roast for a stronger coffee.

- Coffee is too bitter: You should check if the brewing time is too long, adjust by changing the coarser grind size. In addition, if the bitter taste is unpleasant, bitter like medicine, foul-smelling, or harsh,...Maybe the coffee beans you use are roasted too dark, or that the coffee beans are harvested and processed poorly. You can change suppliers for better choices, or look to buy a coffee with a lighter roast.



Making coffee at home is actually not difficult. So let iO Coffee accompany you to do it.

You can watch more video tutorials at iO Coffee's youtube channel below:

We hope we have given you more tips through today's article, then you can make a delicious cup of Phin Vietnamese coffee at home.

Please look forward to more articles from iO Coffee, and discover more great stories that the coffee world has to offer.

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