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Are you the one who values flexibility and efficiency?

Are you searching for a durable and timeless tool?

Do you wish to be able to make a delicious cup of coffee wherever you go?

Welcome to the AeroPress tutorial, an amazing coffee brewing tool for you. The AeroPress is loved by users for its simple construction, easy to use, and especially its durability. In this video, we will guide you step by step on how to use the AeroPress in the simplest way.

Prepare a delicious cup of coffee right next to you and start the blog with iO Coffee.


An Aeropress kit will include:

  • Funnel

  • Paper Filter

  • Plunger

  • Chamber

  • Stirrer

  • Scoop

To get started, beside the Aeropress kit, you should also prepare:

  • Your favorite coffee beans

  • A coffee grinder

  • A kettle to boil water

  • A digital scale

Once you have all the necessary tools, let's get started!



  • Amount of coffee used: 15g

  • TDS of water around 120ppm

  • Water temperature: 93°C

  • Grind size: Medium - Coarse


- Step 1: Boil water at a temperature of 93°C.

- Step 2: Prepare 15 grams of coffee.

- Step 3: Place the paper filter into the filter tray, then carefully place it into the coffee chamber.

- Step 4: Place the coffee chamber onto the server, and rinse it with hot water to preheat.

- Step 5: Grind the 15g of coffee previously prepared, then pour it into the Aeropress container, gently shake the chamber to level the coffee surface.

- Step 6: Pour 30ml of hot water to bloom the coffee. After pouring the water, quickly place the plunger onto the coffee chamber, start the timer on the digital scale, and steep for 30 seconds.

- Step 7: After 30 seconds, remove the plunger and pour the remaining 195ml of water. Once finished pouring, reattach the plunger onto the coffee container.

- Step 8: When the timer reaches 3 minutes, remove the plunger and stir the coffee and water inside the container with a stirrer or spoon for about 3 times.

- Step 9: After stirring, reattach the plunger onto the Aeropress container, then gently press the plunger straight down (at a 90-degree angle) with moderate force. Stop when you hear a light hissing sound, indicating that the coffee has been fully pressed and only air remains inside the container.

- Step 10: Take the Aeropress out, give the server a good shake and now you can enjoy your coffee.



Coffee brewed with the AeroPress is often described as having a bold body, balanced taste. The aftertaste is smooth, sweet and long-lasting. You can adjust the taste to your preference by:

  • Coffee is too sour and lacks sweetness: it's often due to the coarseness of the grind or brewing time being too short, resulting in the coffee not fully extracting all of its flavors and the sourness being more prominent. Adjust the grind size to be finer.

  • Coffee is too bitter: Check if the brewing time is too long, adjust by changing to a coarser grind. In addition, if the bitterness is unpleasant, such as being bitter like medicine, oily, or pungent, it's likely that the coffee beans used are over-roasted or the coffee beans have been harvested and processed poorly. You can try a different supplier or look for a type of coffee that is roasted lighter.

  • You want your coffee stronger: Grind the coffee beans finer or adjust the brewing ratio. In other words, use less water to brew. Try brewing with 30ml of water, then pour 165ml of water and brew for 3 minutes to complete.

  • You want a lighter coffee: You can actively adjust the grind to be coarser. Or simply add about 15-20ml of hot water directly to the coffee after brewing.



So iO Coffee has completed a detailed article on how to use the AeroPress Coffee Maker. Let's get started with iO Coffee right away. You can also check out the simple instructional video on iO Coffee's YouTube channel below:

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