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Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Paper Phin Coffee, also known internationally as Drip Bag Coffee, is the name for a type of filter bag coffee.

Flexibility, compactness and ease of use are the great advantages that make many roasters today choose drip bag. Partly to increase the convenience of its product lines, partly to meet the flexibility of customers' consumption behavior.

Drip bag coffee - GOLDiO from iO Coffee

Drip bag coffee is more and more popular in the context of modern life. Because of its small and light featured, you can take it with you wherever you go, such as the company, or when you go on a business trip, travel, ... and still retain as much as possible the taste of the original coffee.

To understand more about drip bag coffee, let's explore with iO Coffee a little more about the things around it.


The Origin

Drip bag was first invented in Japan in the 1990s.

The original idea was to develop a coffee filter bag with a hanger made of folded paper.

Nguồn: Internet

Each of these drip bag can contain from 11 grams to 15 grams of ground coffee, and can be folded flat.

In addition, the filter paper is made of Corn Fiber, which makes the transportation process safer because it withstands impacts. Besides, it helps to filter the essential oils and residues of coffee during the brewing process, thereby giving very clean coffee and a pleasant drinking feeling.



In 2019, the University of Economics in Katowice, Poland, published an article about the international coffee market in which they looked at how market trends are changing to meet consumers expectations.

As the article points out, today's consumers expect coffee products that are both accessible, quick and simple to prepare. Therefore, there is an increasing demand for drip bag coffee, canned coffee, etc. as they are convenient enough to consume on the go.

With just 4 simple steps, you have a perfect cup of coffee from paper filter coffee.

However, the study also found that consumers are increasingly turning away from poor quality coffee products, higher quality coffee products are preferred and gradually replacing instant coffees.

Despite the economic impact of Covid-19, coffee consumers show no signs of cutting back on the quality of the coffee they buy. In difficult times, customers are more likely to cut back on larger purchases like cars and luxury clothing, but they are less likely to cut back on the quality of the food they consume, such as Specialty Coffee.

Source: Mtpak Coffee.

It is also a testament to the increasing customer demand, and 83% of the world's major roasters are predicted to achieve higher growth than they achieved before the Covid-19 (According to a survey in August 2020, conducted by Caravela Coffee).


Drip bag coffee with iO:

In short, drip bag coffee is a product that fits the trend and provides a perfect solution for consumers and reputable roasters who want to bring the full flavor of coffee to customers.

Therefore, today iO Coffee would like to send you a short video about how to use drip bag products from iO Coffee house.

Hopefully, after this video, you can understand more about drip bag coffee, as well as be able to make yourself a delicious cup of coffee with iO Coffee's coffee!





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