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Updated: Mar 9, 2023

When looking to buy coffee in the market, especially from reputable roasters and suppliers, you will easily come across a lot of information noted on the packaging. Needless to say, every piece of information is important.

However, there is one thing that will help you know if the coffee is really suitable for your needs or not.

- That is: Roast color (or roast level).

Please join iO Coffee to learn some remarkable information about the Roasted Color of coffee.


Light Roast:

- Acid content is quite high.

- Flavors: floral, fruity, ...

- Usually used for manual preparation methods (Hand Drip Coffee) such as V60 Dripper, French Press, Aeropress, ...

- Light body, easy to drink.


Medium Roast:

- Moderate acidity.

- Flavors: dry fruits, caramel, ...

- Usually used for espresso, sometimes can be used for Vietnamese Phin coffee.

- Medium body.


Dark roast:

- Less acidity.

- Flavors: nutty, dark chocolate,...

- Usually used for Vietnamese Phin Coffee.

- High body, strong taste.

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